Everything You Need to Know About CBD Flower

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Source: CBD Oil Botanicals

Pot, marijuana, cannabis, weed and cannabidiol – these are some of the terms we have seen gaining a lot of attention over the past years. After the discovery of CBD pre rolls and its potential benefits, hemp plant has also come under spotlight. CBD flower is produced by the hemp plant and contain high amounts of cannabidiol, terpenes and flavonoids. It smells much like cannabis flower but is different in its THC content. Today, we discuss about cannabis flower and try to understand how it differs from marijuana.

What is CBD Flower?

You can find a wide range of CBD products in the market these days. Oils, pills, tinctures, CBD pre rolls, joints, edibles, vapes and creams, you have plenty of options to try this magical herb. Apart from offline stores, you can explore the selection of products from great brands at online stores like ItsPrimo that provide you the right pick for the desired experience. Some companies even sell full-spectrum products that consist of other components from the plant and not only made of isolates. Using such products would enhance the beneficial properties of cannabidiol. This happens because of the combined effect that different cannabinoids present in the plant cause when they work together.

Cannabis Vs. Hemp

Hemp as well as marijuana plants belong to the same kind of plants. However, they are different in terms of their appearance and properties. Hemp is a variety of cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3 percent of THC. It is known to be the non-psychoactive component of the marijuana plant grown for industrial purposes. Hemp has always been an important crop because of its ability to produce paper, clothing, rope, food, oil and more. Cannabis, on the other hand, has a higher concentration of THC and causes the euphoric effects.

Best Ways to Use Cannabis Flower

Just like THC, CBD is a fat-soluble compound, and therefore you can try adding dried flower into butter and oil and consume the herb in the form of edibles. When you consume cannabidiol through this method, it passes through the digestive tract to deliver a longer duration of effect. This is different than inhalation where the compound enters the bloodstream instantly. Ingestion also involves metabolism by the liver which means a lot is wasted in the process and require larger quantities for desired effects. Edibles also have dosing problems as the potency of products can vary from one serving to another.

Smoking dried flower in a joint or in the form of CBD pre rolls is a great way to get the compound into your bloodstream quickly. While smoking is not the best thing for your body, it is better than smoking tobacco. A healthier alternative is using vapes to consume CBD flower. This method enables the user to enjoy the benefits of different components while staying safe from the risks associated with smoking. Effects are quicker than ingesting and controlling the dosage is also simple. Thus, options are many when you are looking to consume Cannabinoid flower. Each has its own advantages and limitations and the final choice depends on your personal preferences.